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+ Lets make this a soap opera

I said I would give people news about my ban thing so here are the e-mails I sent / recieved from NG staff.
You take any conclusions you want.
You believe whoever you want.

 Before anything, this is a long post. Now that you know that there is a lot of text here you are probably wondering why I am doing this.
 First because I said I would inform people about my ban, and second, why not? I am not here to hide anything and NG staff is so confident about their reasons that they permanently banned me. They should not care about this, unless they have something to hide.
 And third because this may make them reply to my mail. Which is a good reason. Heh

Ok, this is my first e-mail to them:

 On Sat, Jul 28, 2012 at 1:50 PM, Xuu Bengaly <e-mail adress> wrote:

 Hello there. I am here to clear some things that I believe was a misunderstanding.
 I have never recruited anyone to troll in NG. I always loved this site and of course I would never gang up to destroy it or whatever it is that you are thinking I am doing.
 The IRC chat was only a thing cran made to invite friends. Whatever happened there should not matter because it is off Neurogalaxy, and we never did any devil plan to “fuck up NG bit by bit”. Everyone in that chat loves NG, we just gone there to have more freedom of speech. Our conversations were all normal.
 But I want to know what deviantart is this one you are talking about - I believe I am the only one among us (me, Cranberry and Culex) that has one, and it is HappyShadow. All the times I talked about NG I was asking for referrals and saying how awesome the site and its community is. If you got me saying something else it was probably me and a friend joking. Still, it is off neurogalaxy and should not matter.
 I want your proofs that I am recruiting trolls because I have never did this. I invited friends to the site. If one of them trolled anyone, their behavior is not my fault. I also want to know what general etiquette is that you talk about and how/why I broke this “rule”. Give me the reasons you are banning me, with proofs and logic please.
 Talking about inside neurogalaxy - I do not think you guys readen my e-mails, do you? My outbox is still all there and you can cleary see that I have never recruited any person to bully someone nor harassed anyone by e-mail or anything. The closest to harassment I guess was when IceclawDragonclaw got mad at me because I called her claw instead of ice. I said it was ok after this and never did it in her front again.
 Now clearing some stuff - I do not hate anyone. I do think some of the staff is childish and I basically said this in the chatbox a million times. Still, I do not know any of you personally to have a strong feeling such as hate about you guys. I do not hate anyone in the site. The kids will grow, I just take their behaviour with good humour. I even like some of them. I have no reason to want to destroy a site I adore and even wanted to help. For free.
 But I again ask for you guys to tell me which kind of logs you have - show me them and show me what is that troll recruiting you talk about.
 Please be sincere.

By the way, while saying "fuck up NG bit by bit" I am quoting Jorick. I would have to ask Culex about the chat logs to get the mail he sent to Cran, but it is basically what Jorick thought we (the ones in the IRC chat) were doing. I also would have to ask Cran’s permission to do it first and she is not avaliable at the moment so lets forget this.

Now their reply:

Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2012 19:38:41 -0500
Subject: Re: About my ban.
From: neurogalaxystaff@gmail.com
To: (my e-mail)


Chatting about NeuroGalaxy in an off-site channel is perfectly fine! However, bringing any resulting hostility on-site is when this becomes a problem.


Shortly after this conversation took place, the staff witnessed you and a friend (Jintzo) deliberately calling this user “Claw” in the chatbox, exactly as described in the IRC log linked above. Furthermore, when another member reminded you that it is against our rules to harass other members, you and Jintzo maintained a disrespectful attitude: 


Additionally, the staff received a suspicious mail by a new member (also associated with you), asking us to ban IceclawDarkclaw with no evidence to support their claim.

(Rules broken: harassment and general etiquette)

We also discovered a post on DeviantART, made by HappyShadow, that revealed a desire to bring harm to NeuroGalaxy. These intentions resurfaced in recent IRC discussions:



The term “troll” is by your own admission.

(Rule broken: a healthy community)

The NeuroGalaxy Team is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy community. Your behavior, both on-site and off, indicates a blatant disregard for the well-being of NeuroGalaxy and its community; therefore, we felt it was necessary to permanently ban your account. You may no longer play NeuroGalaxy.

We hope you’ll find this evidence sufficient.


(if the images are broken, here are them: 1, 2, 3, 4

The first thing I may say is that they have not even showed me the proof that I called IceclawDragonclaw “claw”. The only thing in the screenshot related to it is me saying something like “as long as you do not act like call me ice or I report you I am fine with it”. But I said I called her claw because I know I did it. And I knew she do not like being called claw too. I stopped it before this screenshot when she said “call me Ice.”, by the way.
 All the other things should not matter because they are off neurogalaxy. And it is kinda creepy to know that NG staff was stalking my comments in deviantArt and invading a private conversation to create theories and ban me, though.
 And they have not showed me proof of anything. I hope they have more stuff than those, even if they are edited screenshots, because at least it will be something.
 By the way the newbie’s mail was from one of Revska’s friends, she told me when I showed her this e-mail. And had absolutely nothing to do with me or my ban - it was about her spamming the CB I believe. As if mentioning it was not unrelated enough.
 - ” (also associated with you), ” I do not even know her. I think we talked for a while in the CB and then sent me friend request or something. She was a nice person though.
 ” We also discovered a post on DeviantART, made by HappyShadow, that revealed a desire to bring harm to NeuroGalaxy. These intentions resurfaced in recent IRC discussions: 
 Wow could you please show me those, because every time I talked about neurogalaxy I was asking for referrals and telling people how awesome the site is. I was not even active in deviantart while talking about those and god damn it those chats are absurdly unrelated and out of context. I made a weed pun and no one noticed so I said “watch me being a secret troll”. It is quotted on dead fish’s (my merc) profile I believe. It was quotted in this conversation, if I remember well. Not related with deviantart. 
 And about the blog about chatbox quotes, I gave up after 5 minutes I got the idea. It was because of Ouch’s reply to my baby hobbies. And it would be something like dumbdeviantart, where you do not see usernames or anything. Not completely unrelated to deviantart because I got the idea from dumbdeviantart.

Well everything I did then was try to simple explain them those things, and again ask for the proof of what they are accusing me of doing.

Para neurogalaxystaff@gmail.com  28/07/2012

What happened with Jintz was not my fault, I was not even talking with Jintz in the IRC, she is not there. I do not even know jintz well, she is the friend of a friend, that is it. And I just called her claw once - she had her fit and I said it was ok and I stopped. You can see it in the screenshot, I said it was ok and I stopped.
I do not even think those two happened in the same day,by the way. I do not remember but I do not think those two are in the same time.
And I have no idea about that new member’s mail, if you guys showed me this I could try to identify who it is.

About this screenshot.  http://i.imgur.com/tEkYH.png 
It was because someone said something funny. I quoted it in the chat I think. I said that my hobbies as baby were licking walls or something and Ouch (not sure if it was her, but I believe so) said that those are still my hobbies. This inspired me to make a quotes blog. I indeed wanted to make quotes about things like people getting followed by demons - those would be text only, without showing the user name or anything. I am not here to harass anyone. I never was.

About this ->  http://i.imgur.com/EAFFm.png  It was me talking about a weed pun I made in a comment and no one noticed. It was not even in neurogalaxy if I remember well.

I would like to know which deviantart post is this, please show me it so I can explain you. It most probably is -like all of the things above- nothing serious. I do not think the newbie’s mail would help in anything but I can try to identify who it is, if you find it neccessary. I have no intention in banning anyone because I was banned - This is really childish. I have no intentions in creating another account either. I am not asking for my account back, this is up to you guys. Everything I want is to make things clear and fix this misunderstanding.
I would also like to know what is this “hiring trolls” you accused me of.

Anyway, thanks for the reply.


 And they have not replied me since then. It could be many things - they not checking the e-mail, they ignoring me, they trying as hard as they can to find a proof of what they say, they knowing they are wrong and being tsundere.
 Anyway, sorry Ouch for mentioning your name there. You have nothing to do with this mess. At least I believe so, I do not even know who is my friend anymore.
 Staff says they got 24/7 logs of the chat, which I do not believe since no one is 24/7 there and I am pretty sure they did not contact Irizon to ask for the logs, otherwise this would not be happening.
 By the way, other than me, cranberry and culex, the only other person who was constantly present in the IRC chat a lot was kitsuneofdreams. She did not said anything, only lurked. Well, all I can say about this is enjoy your new moderator position. SNORT
 All those shit is making me thing staff was just looking for reasons to ban me and my friends. Actually they told Culex they could not find anything in his account to ban him and looked deep into Cran’s mails to ban her for out of context reasons, so yeah they are looking for excuses. So, as a final note, if you had any problems with me you could have said “I do not like you” in the banning reason. That would be ok. Seriously. I would have made jokes about it and all but at least it would be true. But you can not lie to myself about things I know I have not done, and you know I have not done either.

Now I am going to sit here and watch people drown in their own shit.